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We offer a selection of engineered and solid wood flooring to perfectly suit your home.

Our increasingly popular engineered wood floors offer all the beauty of solid wood, but with less maintenance and at a lower cost.

Solid wood floors are the choice for many homeowners, particularly in period homes. With a little care they will last a lifetime.

Both our engineered and solid wood floors are available in a range of timber species, widths and patterns, including parquet flooring. They can be stained and finished to your exact requirements. Reclaimed flooring is also available, giving you an instantly characterful look and a more sustainable option.

Book a design consultation with one of our flooring experts and find the perfect match for your home.

Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring

Made from a sturdy timber core, with a layer of hardwood on top, engineered flooring has all the beauty of solid wood but with less maintenance and cost.

Reclaimed Flooring

Reclaimed flooring

Reclaimed floors are created by using timber that has been salvaged typically from old buildings and wooden structures then repurposed to create beautiful wooden flooring with tonnes of character and unique old age growth.

Solid Plank Flooring

Solid plank flooring

Offers strength and durability and due to its structure is less prone to marks and scratching. Long lasting and cost effective.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring

Decorative feature compared to other wood flooring available. Requires sealing and polishing.



Installation of all our flooring is carried out by our local and expert team of skilled craftsmen.