Sanding and Restoration

All our sanding is carried out using the Bona dust free sanding system which will bring your tired wood floors back to life, without filling your home with dust.


Prior to sanding we can repair any damage to floors, matching any missing boards or blocks with like for like replacements. Any loose boards are secured before sanding.

Gap Filling

Nail holes and end joints can be filled with a filler mixed from sawdust and resin. If you require the gaps filled between boards this can be done using ‘V’ shaped wooden fillets on large gaps or a solvent based filler for smaller.

Staining and Refinishing

Floors can be finished using Treatex hard wax oil colours and finishes for a natural look or Bona Waterbourne Stains and Lacquers for a harder wearing finish.  Samples of colours and finishes can be applied to your floor whilst sanding, this lets you see what the colours will look like on your actual floor.

nutwood flooring